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Successful management begins with the team

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Michael Mintz

CEO & Co-Founder

Michael has a decade of experience in property management and has established himself as a leading manager and key investment advisor in the real estate industry. He has a proven track record in successfully managing buildings through major capital projects and maximizing real estate values. Michael is a passionate entrepreneur and is always looking for new ideas and strategies to improve client experiences. In his role as CEO of MD2, Michael works closely with President Dawn Dickstein to ensure that clients’ needs are met and that managers and staff are well-supported. He meets personally with all current and prospective clients and residents and is available to clients 24/7 to find creative and effective solutions for any issues that may arise. Michael is dedicated to maintaining ope客户端 Property Group’s status as one of New York City’s leading property management and real estate investment firms.
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Dawn Dickstein

President & Founder, CPA & MBA

Dawn has over 20 years of experience in various aspects of the management business. She is a high-performing manager and accomplished leader with a strong background in business and accounting. Dawn’s familiarity with the unique inner workings of real estate transactions and management allows her to address clients’ specific needs in efficient and effective ways. In her role as President of MD2, Dawn works closely as a team with CEO Michael Mintz to oversee the company. She supervises the company’s office and accounting procedures to improve buildings’ financial performance, daily operations and staff management.
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Abby Mintz

Chief Operating Officer

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Jonathan Klaristenfeld

Vice President of Business Development

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Yuval Plattner

Property Manager

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Stacey Kwiatkoski

Director of Operations

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Yair Levy

Project Manager

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Andrew Cooper

Associate Property Manager

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Arielle Dechter

Associate Property Manager

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George Sayrafe

Property Manager

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Elizabeth Stadtmauer

Assistant Property Manager

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Justin Axelrod

Assistant Property Manager

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Brian Rosenberg


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Isaiah Dicker

Assistant Property Manager

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Randy Xia

Financial Analyst

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Alex Song

Financial Analyst

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Anne Kiernan

Accounts Payable Manager

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